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If you have built a great Salesforce app, plugin, connector, or are providing Salesforce consulting services then an AppExchange listing can really do wonders for your business. Salesforce AppExchange is the marketplace for app developers and service consultants and offers high visibility.

But success on Salesforce AppExchange heavily relies on your listing and you really need to nail it. Else, there are thousands of apps and service providers listed in the AppexChange and your listing may get lost in the crowd.

What Is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace, offering over 5000 solutions and services related to Salesforce products. AppExchange helps ISV partners or consultants list their solutions or services. Salesforce users can find tools and service providers to meet their needs.

Who Can Use AppExchange?

Anyone can browse listings and test solutions. To install solutions customers need “Download Packages” permission. To create and publish a listing, app developers or services providers need “Manage Listings” permission.

How Does AppExchange Work?

Listing is a primary tool to market your solution or service in the AppExchnge. You can describe your app, features, pricing, and other details so that customers can understand your solution. You can also upload videos, screenshots, and other content to provide more details about your solution.

You need to create a provider profile and upload your package before creating a listing. Please note that you are allowed to create only one listing per solution.

Guide To Make Your Salesforce AppExchange Listing Standout

1. Put yourself in the customer’s shoe

The AppExchange has over 5000 listings. Customers seeking solutions to their problems are in a hurry. Think about what will make them stop for a moment and read your listing and excite them to buy it.

2. Write a good copy

A good description is simple, concise, and clear. Tell the problem your app will solve or in case of a service listing describe your company’s unique capabilities. You can also use expert writing tips like-

3. Highlight the key benefit

App developers try to sell technology. The customer cares about benefits. So, while discussing technology in your listing, highlight the key benefit. Say if your app can save a Sales Reps time by 20%, highlight it.

4. Show, not only tell

While text description is important for a listing, equally important are screenshots, videos, and demos. Visuals make the engagement interesting. It also helps the audience better understand your product. Use zoom and annotation to highlight key features in videos and screenshots.

5. Optimize your listing for AppExchange Search

Search is one of the most common ways customers find solutions on Salesforce AppExchange. Keyword relevance, number of clicks on a listing, and engagement play a huge role in where your listing will appear in the search results. Use relevant keywords and their alternatives in your copy. For example, if your app helps in administering surveys then include words like survey, poll, and feedback, etc., to optimize the discoverability of your app.

6. Monitor listing performance

AppExchange provides Marketplace Analytics and AppExchange App Analytics. Marketplace Analytics gives you insights into how customers are discovering and engaging with your listing while AppExchange App Analytics provides data on how customers interact with your app. Use the data to check the performance of your listing and revise it periodically.

We Can Help!

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