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Avril Payne
3 min readFeb 9, 2021

Salesforce CRM has emerged as the preferred choice as CRM. International Data Corporation (IDC) has named Salesforce the #1 CRM provider for the seventh consecutive year last year. The CRM provider rose in its overall market share position and increased its revenue more than any other CRM vendor. The report also named Salesforce the leader in sales, marketing, customer service, model-driven application platforms, and enterprise applications.

If your company is too using Salesforce CRM then you have the best software to drive your business. However, Salesforce implementation is just the beginning. Many businesses spend a lot of resources on implementing and customizing Salesforce but don’t do enough to keep it optimized and upgraded. This creates several challenges like a growing backlog of requests and projects, performance and compliance challenges, trouble transitioning to new technologies, unrealized ROI, and a complex IT environment.

Salesforce Managed Services is ongoing support and maintenance solution to keep your Salesforce CRM in the best of its health and in sync with your organization’s evolving needs. It’s like having a dedicated Salesforce team, just a call away but at lesser costs and without the woes of hiring, managing, and retaining them.

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What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce Managed Services is a proactive approach to help businesses run and manage Salesforce CRM smoothly. Many organizations lack skill depth or resources to regularly review and optimize their CRM, add enhancements to it and modernize it with new releases. Salesforce managed services address this problem and include a comprehensive set of activities from consulting, deployment to provide expert resources and block hours. It is designed to prevent issues before they impact business operations.

Key Activities In Salesforce Managed Services

Benefits of Hiring A Salesforce Managed Service Provider

Some of the most common benefits realized through Salesforce managed services partnerships include-

  • Provides a readily available Salesforce expert team with complete skill sets at low costs.
  • Process Optimizing by introducing automation, custom dashboards, real-time reports, and data migration and data cleansing efforts.
  • Deploying Salesforce critical updates and new functionalities to keep the instance up to date.
  • Security checks to identify vulnerabilities early and prevent system downtime.
  • Addresses challenges of hiring and retaining tech resources as you can now hire resources as per your needs.
  • Keeps your team focused on their core responsibilities.
  • Helps in compliance as per industry standards
  • Provides scalability and quick responsiveness to sudden changes in the business environment
  • Drive higher RoI from your Salesforce investments

Why choose AppShark to manage your Salesforce?

Salesforce managed services is a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way to managing your Salesforce environment. If your organization lacks Salesforce expertise, finds it challenging managing it, or needs expert assistance in optimally using Salesforce CRM then managed services would be the right solution for you.

At AppShark, we have established a solid practice with an experienced team of over 100 certified Salesforce consultants. Key highlights of our Managed Services include our deep expertise in Salesforce, access to our diverse resource pool of certified experts, and flexible engagement models. Contact us for your Salesforce Managed Service requirements.

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